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Birth Pool Rental


The benefits of water birth are mainly for the birth parent’s experience and include:

  • Reduced desire for anesthesia

  • Less risk of vaginal tearing

  • Shortened labor duration because of relaxation

  • Higher reported patient satisfaction

Here’s how it works: The pools are partially filled with water kept at human body temperature — 98.6-100 degrees. It is not a “hot tub.” These pools have disposable liners that decrease the risk of infection and eliminate cross-contamination. Water-proof monitoring also can be used during hydrotherapy. Unlike a normal bath, you can’t add essential oils or bubbles.

Please note, every pool is thoroughly checked and cleaned with medical grade disinfectant after each use. The rental purchase includes EVERYTHING you need. The liners are free of phthalates, this is better for the environment, you and your baby!


What's Included:

  • A new disposable liner (phthalate free)

  • A lead-free, non-toxic 25′ drinking water hose

  • Universal faucet adaptors

  • Electric air pump for inflatable pools

  • Submersible pump for emptying the pool

  • A debris net to clean out debris as needed

  • A 8′ x 12′ plastic sheeting to protect the floor from splashes

  • Drop off/ pick up

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