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Postpartum Services

After the birth of your baby you can extend the support you receive to ensure that you have the best start possible. Postpartum Doulas are there to do many jobs, but to name a few, they help with household chores, older siblings, groceries, meal prep, lactation support, and laundry. Their most important job, however, is the care and support of you and the baby. I am are there to make sure you are nourished, doted on, and relaxed. "Mother The Mother". I find that all too often, everyone is busy preparing for the birth, the fourth trimester is over looked and it is a very critical time for both you and baby.

You may feel nervous about being alone with the baby right away, wondering if you'll know how to do everything without help, that is where your Doula comes in. I can assist you to recognize your baby's cues so that you know what they want before they go into complete meltdown mode. I can show you how to help them sleep (so you can too), how to latch or bottle feed and work that crazy breast pump contraption. I charge a tad more as there is really no limit to my support as your doula! I don't have a list of "things I don't do" (non-medical, of course), as things can come up when I am with you and I don't want you to hesitate to ask for help. I want you to feel comfortable and confident that this is my job, and I will always say 'yes'!
I am there to make sure your household runs as usual while you take your time to heal and bond with the baby, as those things are top priority. I am your personal assistant, who just happens to be an expert in birth and babies. 

Hiring a Postpartum Doula may have the following effects:

  • Less stress and anxiety  

  • Higher success with breastfeeding

  • Partner feels more confident caring for the baby

  • More sleep for everyone

  • Easier transition

  • Less parental meltdowns!

Choose from 6 extra hours of postpartum assistance to 24 extra hours, for either day time support or overnight! This can be broken up among weeks ( a discussion will decide what is best for mom and baby).


Day time- $35/ hour

Night time- $40/ hour

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