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Meet Your Doula

Birth Attendant and Photographer

I am Wendy, your Sister Moon Doula and photographer. My mission is to provide personalized birth support to birthers in the Qathet region. My clients are more than just clients to me. I care deeply, I am your sister. My doula services include prenatal and postpartum care, childbirth education, resources and tons of information so that you can feel confident and excited about the journey ahead! I am passionate about helping you enjoy your pregnancy, birth, and baby(s) and the changes you're all going through together. Not only am I excited to be apart of it all, but I'd love nothing more than to also capture every moment and retell your story in still image. I have been a birth worker for over 2 years and have attended upwards of 45 births. I specialize in physiological births, however am behind you every step of the way in your choices. I am dedicated to my practice, my clients, their children, and their prenatal and postpartum care. I feel very deeply about birthers receiving the care and attention they deserve, before and after birth. I also offer placenta encapsulation/ tinctures to support your postpartum recovery. 


A little about me- I am a mom of two. My son is a rambling, non-stop little 3 year-old with a mind that knows no limits. He's the one who inspired this career path; our birth story and our doula. My 1 year old daughter is the most independant little bundle of sunshine. She helped me rediscover my love for the fourth trimester, and gave me my dream home birth. My husband is a supportive and loving partner, and an even better father. He is my biggest cheerleader in my career, even when I wake him up at 3am to leave for a birth... All three of them make my heart explode.


I'm a big animal lover; I'd adopt every single animal if I could! Horseback riding, reading, running (or yoga, or dancing, or any sort of movement really!) are my me-time things and I love spending time at the barn with horses, or on quiet trail.


If you have questions please feel free to ask. I am an open book! I hope to be your future doula and photographer. You're in good hands!


Welcome to Sister Moon Birth Services

Personal Doula Services, Photography, and Placenta Encapsulation

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Why Naturopathy

Why Choose a Doula?

A Doula Can Help With


Physical Comfort

During labor, a doula can offer comfort measures such as breathing techniques, massage, and position changes to help you cope with contractions.

Emotional Support

A doula provides continuous emotional support throughout labor, helping you feel empowered and confident in your birthing choices.


Your doula can help facilitate communication between you, your partner, and your medical team to ensure your wishes are respected.

Postpartum Recovery

After your birth, your doula can provide postpartum care and support to help you adjust to life with a new baby.


A doula can offer guidance and support with breastfeeding, helping you and your baby get off to a good start.

Sibling Support

If you have older children, your doula can offer support and activities to help them feel involved and included in the birth experience.


" Wendy is absolutely talented! She not only brings in the most amazing energy into your home but also brings out the very best in the family! We hired Wendy for a newborn photoshoot and all I can say is wow!!!! The photos are amazing, the experience was delightful and she made us feel right at home. She was so patient, understanding the needs to feed and change diapers; we felt so at ease and it reflects in the photos... Definitely worth every single penny and then some! "

- Yeelen & Ivan


After attending a free consultation with me, we will meet again for 2 prenatals. During these visits, you will share your wishes and desires for your birth. We will discuss with your partner as well, to make sure we are all on the same wavelength. I will then create a one-page visual birth plan to share with the rest of your birth team. The visits are in your home and usually last about 1-2 hours. I will be prepared with important topics, and questions for us to discuss. But you will be able to guide the talks, and I will share information to meet you where you are and fill in any gaps. We will cover the basics of childbirth options at our visits and you will learn hands-on techniques to use during your labour.

Once you sign my contract, I am on call beginning 37 weeks for you 24/7 awaiting your call that labour has begun, but am available to reach and talk with whenever you need. I assist you during the early stages of labour via phone/ text. I will be there for you as soon as things begin to intensify and start providing support in whatever way is needed. I use many different elements in my work as a Doula such as massage, acupressure, affirmations, physical, and emotional support etc. I am there to do anything to help your labour go as smoothly as possible. 

You will have access to my lending library, birth ball, TENS machine, rebozo, essential oils and others from my "tool-kit", and a birth pool.

I stay with you through the birth and then leave when you are settled and ready to rest.

Within the first two weeks, you will receive 1-2 more visits from me. At these visits, talk about your birth story, anything that needs immediate support, and resources for lactation and counselling. We will discuss feeding choices, and I can help you with latching, pumping, bottle feeding, and everything in between. We will also go over newborn care and postpartum care for yourself.

Please visit the Postpartum package to see what types of things I offer after the birth!

After those last visits, our contract doesn't just end , but continues on as a friendship and someone who can be there to answer any questions you may have when you feel lost or in a time of need! If you are wanting some in person support, I'm happy to customize a postpartum package to fit your needs and I can continue to work with you.


New Moon Package

The basic package. Everything above included: 2 prenatals, birth support, 1-2 postpartum visits, and access to my birth pool.

Crescent Moon Package

This package includes: 2 prenatals, birth support, 1-2 postpartum visits, access to my birth pool and the full placenta services (capsules, tincture, art).

Full Moon Package

This package includes: 2 prenatals, birth support, 1-2 postpartum visits, access to my birth pool, the full placenta services (capsules, tincture, art), plus birth photography.

Clients booking the Full Moon Birth package will receive 2 nourishing postpartum gifts.


I acknowledge that I am a white settler living and working on the traditional, unceded, and ancestral territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, the traditional territory of the Tla’amin First Nations.

I am based out of Qathet, BC. Serving the Sunshine Coast and Powell River regions.


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